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Aijin / Nov 16, 2015
Tave Naefas Komunal is no more ... The ways of the Dread have seemingly failed not only the Kal'Evos, but each of the Naefas. With the Oriconian Empire in ruins, the remaining Dread Council gather to decide their fate.

The attack from the Eternal Empire put much in perspective. Jedi, Sith, Dread, Revanites ... Each group limited their studies, abilities, and practices by following a singular path. Each claimed to be the best way to reach ones full potential, though many of those with in each order fell short. There must be a better way. There had to be.

Thusly, The Absolute Creed was born.

Each of the Naefas stripped themselves of the Dread titles given, and accepted their new place among the Absolute. From here on, they would offer their followers and apprentices studies in all ways that made them strong. What suited their talents, and personalities, rather than forcing all into one mold. However, standards of the old still remain. The weak hold no place amongst the Visiskas.


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